EdWisely Speaker Series ‘21-’22

Educator Efficacy and Wellbeing

A free virtual speaker series via Zoom
Registration capped at 300 attendees per session

EdWisely Speaker Series ‘21-’22 will be held on January 20th, February 17th & March 17th at 4:00-5:30 pm CST

EdWisely Speaker Series ‘21-’22: Educator Efficacy and Wellbeing Speakers

Elisa Salazar

Elisa Salazar, MS, MA, LMSW graduated from Grand Valley State University (GVSU) with her Master’s degree in social work in 2010 and her second Master’s degree in communications in 2020. Her background is in diverse settings including juvenile justice, special education, and substance abuse; however, she has spent most of her career as a therapist working with children, families, and individuals from mild to severe mental illness. She received extensive training as a Dialectical Behavioral therapist specializing in trauma and severe and persistent mental health.

Jon Corippo

Jon Corippo is the inspirational co-author of Eduprotocols. Jon has over 22 years in education, over 15 years of it in the classroom and almost a decade in educational leadership at the site, district, county, and state level.

Jon has taught in the 4-8 and 9-12 classroom setting, and he leverages this experience to help teachers TEACH BETTER and WORK LESS. Jon’s upbeat and engaging speaking style have caused audience members to declare “I could listen to Jon read my Target receipt and be inspired!”. Jon differentiates his sessions and keynotes to fit the local needs – Jon has over 300 slide decks he can customize to fit any need, any grade range and he can make high-quality pedagogy be as high tech or low tech as is needed.

Lee Gimpel

Lee Gimpel is the founder of Better Meetings in Washington, DC. The firm helps organizations improve their online and in-person meetings via modern meeting design and strategy, facilitation, and training. Clients include corporate, government, non-profit, and associations, such as the National Association of Realtors, Department of Energy, and American Federation of Teachers. Lee is an expert on the dynamics of meetings and focuses on blending productivity, innovation, and collaboration. His work leverages group facilitation, audience engagement, and human-centered design.


4:00-5:30 pm CST

January 20th
Self-Care in Practice
Concrete strategies that educators can put into practice to maintain their wellbeing
Featured Speaker: Elisa Salazar

February 17th
Teach Better, Work Less: EduProtocols

Engage educators in a lively look at how implementing these flexible lesson frames can streamline teachers’ planning and instructional process while deepening student learning
Featured Speaker: Tentative

March 17
Better Meetings

Concrete strategies for more effectively sharing information and structuring meetings to accomplish more and to minimize the “this could have been an email” factor
Featured Speaker: Lee Gimpel